2015 – Schedule of yoga retreats 

  • ECO YOGA RETREAT FOR WOMEN in the Himalaya – 18th May – 2 June 2015
  • PILGRIMAGE TO HIMALAYA,Yoga and Trecking retreat in North India, 14th-23th June 2015
  • RETOUR A LA SOURCE,  Yoga Retreat in Brittany, France – 30th August – 05st September 2015
  • YOGA & BUDDHISM, Retreat in Nepal, 11th – 22nd October 2015
  • WAVE OF GRACE, Yoga and surf retreat in Goa, India – 22nd – 29th November 2015
  • MYSTICAL MERMAIDS RETREAT , Yoga and aqua cranial therapy journey in Goa, India – 11th-21st December 2015



Aloha means the breath of Oneness. A celebration of living spontaneously from the heart inspired by polynesians wisdom …

 Living in Hawaii, Maui, for many years, Severine has been inspired to share some of the « Aloha « Spirit to the World  with her yoga retreats ….

Discover the world with us and journey to magical destinations you’ve always dreamed of  visiting, while providing you with clarity and a shift in perception to fully appreciate the experience through your yoga practice.Explore the world and expand your mind. Spread your wings and free your spirit. Create an enriching experience of a life time on a memorable Yoga Journey and return Home newly inspired .

The purpose of Aloha Yoga Journey is to bring body and mind into balance. If there is harmonious flow of energy through the body, it  improves general well being.The retreat is to help you live happier, healthier and more fulfilling life and raise awareness through Yoga and Meditation in a fresh and spontaneous way. The friendly and relaxed manner of the retreat makes everyone feel « at home » and even those who are new to Yoga will feel comfortable .

Yoga within Nature provides a holistic experience on that both energizes and restores your natural harmony and balance .The magic of Aloha Yoga Journey will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated  and whole in your body, mind and soul .


These retreats are perfect for meeting like-minded people and making new friends coming together to find new inspiration and to share exciting new adventures. They appeal equally to the dedicated yoga, the outdoor enthusiast, the nature lover  and those looking for a relaxing get away vacation.

Yoga means Union. The idea is that the practice learned on the yoga mat ultimately become integrated into a holistic lifestyle. Aloha Yoga Journeycreates an environment in which you can explore the expansion of yoga through all aspects of your life .You will explore not only the postures of Hatha Yoga, but also the powerful breathing exercises blended with sacred songs to transcend to higher states of consciousness. Emphasizing the body mind connection, the physical asanas (postures) maintain a healthy body through improved flexibility, stamina and strength, while pranayama, the yogic art of breathing, balances the emotions, increases energy and calms the mind.

All the retreats include twice daily yoga practice, guided meditation and pranayama (breath excercise).

Mornings are usually an energizing Hatha/Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow, while evening classes are more relaxed and meditative.Classes are customized to the group s ability and are run at intermediate level with modifications for beginners and advanced students.

You  will nurture your bodies with some delightful and healthy vegetarian/vegan cuisine fresh and delicious.

You will enjoy free time each day so that you can complement your vacation with some of your own favorite activities (excursions, trekking, traditional massage, healing ceremony and other  activities not included in the retreat price but  available and affordable for you to enjoy).

Take your time to ease your mind and soul at the perfect environment .

Dont miss your chance to be part of this amazing Journey !

« Join us on a transformational Aloha Yoga Journey towards light, laughter and love « 

Terms and conditions

ALOHA YOGA JOURNEY / Payment and cancellation refund policy PAYMENT OPTIONS

  • In order to secure your place on Aloha Yoga Journey Retreats you will need to pay at least the deposit, which is non-refundable, or the full amount as soon as possible.
  • Full payment for the training must be received no later than four weeks before the start of the retreat.
  • In the case of any bookings that may occur after this date, payment must be made in full at the time of registration.
  • We accept payment by bank transfer.
  • You can  pay via an international bank transfer (or a domestic bank transfer in the case of French residents) to our French bank account. For our bank account details please contact us at:
  • Please note that any additional bank transaction charges, such as transfer or foreign exchange fees are your responsibility. For bank transfers, please ensure your payment is in Euro before your bank makes the transfer and be sure to identify your transfer with your name.

CANCELLATION / REFUND POLICY Due to the advanced planning, travel arrangements for teachers and organization of our programs at the retreat center, the following policy is applied: Cancellation Specifics

  • If payment of either the deposit or the balance is not received by the due date Aloha Yoga Journey  reserves the right to cancel the reservation and retain the deposit.
  • In the event of cancellation by the customer, the following refund fees, minus the deposit, apply. The deposit is non-refundable.
  • Cancellation 8 weeks or less  prior to the retreat starting date , 0% refund
  • Cancellation more than 8 weeks prior to the retreat starting date , 100% refund
  • Once the retreat begins, any fees paid will be non-refundable.
  • Aloha Yoga Journey  reserves the right to ask a retreat participant to leave the retreat at any time if they feel that their behavior is either terribly disruptive or dangerous to the others on retreat. In this case, all retreat fees are non-refundable.
  •  If you cannot reach the retreat due to unforeseen circumstances such as strikes, missed, delayed or cancelled flights, retreat fees are unfortunately non-refundable.

Cancellation by Aloha Yoga Journey

  • In the highly unlikely event that Aloha Yoga Journey  has to cancel the retreat for unforeseen reasons we will notify you as soon as possible and will refund the full amount paid including your deposit.
  • Aloha Yoga Journey  reserves the right to cancel a retreat that is below the minimum of  participants. Although unlikely, if this should occur, Aloha  Yoga Journey  will notify you in advance and give you a full refund, deposit included.In the case of Aloha  Yoga Journey  having to cancel a retreat we regret that we cannot provide compensation for any additional costs that are related to your trip such as international and domestic flights, visa fees etc.

For more information or any specific questions, please  email us : There is NO cancellation nor refund for any reason including but not limited to bad weather, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, flight delays or cancellations, illness, health conditions, medical or personal or family or work emergencies, change of mind. Aloha Yoga Journey  recommends purchasing Travel Protection Insurance through your travel agent. Thank you for understanding and respecting the cancellation policy. RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK WAIVER AGREEMENT I, the undersigned, hereby agree that I am fully responsible for taking all necessary steps to understand my own health and physical condition, as well as the physical and emotional requirements of yoga practice. I hereby represent and warrant that there are no physical limitations or conditions which would in any way affect my participation other than those that I have already disclosed to the teacher Severine Korrina Chatel , nor are there any medical precautions which I must observe related to my participation in this Yoga Program,  or Retreat. Should I become aware of any such conditions or physical limitations subsequent to the date of this Release, I will immediately notify Severine Korrina Chatel of such condition or physical limitation. I fully understand that my participation in the Yoga Program, class, or Retreat may be injurious to my health, and am voluntarily participating in the Yoga Program, class, or Retreat. I hereby assume all risks connected therewith and consent to participate in said Yoga Program, class, or Retreat. I hereby release Severine Korrina Chatel , their representatives, agents, owners, officers, employees and successors from and against any and all liability for personal injury, illness, emotional trauma, property damage, additional travel expenses, and loss of enjoyment, which I may incur as a result of participating in the said Yoga Program and Retreat. I do hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators waive, release, and forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damages or liabilities that I may have or that may accrue to me arising out of or in any way connected with my participation in the Yoga Program, class,  or Retreat, including without limitation, any extracurricular activities I may engage in during the Yoga Program, class,or Retreat, whether or not sponsored by Severine Korrina Chatel.I have had sufficient opportunity to read this entire document. I have read and understood it and I agree to be bound by its terms.