Himalayan Retreat

himalayas1Eco Yoga Retreat for Women  in the Himalaya

18th May – 2nd June 2015 – Chinar sanctuary

« When sleeping women wake, mountains move »

If you desire a small revolution, join us for 2 weeks of purification and nourishment in the beautiful Himalaya. 2 weeks of being with yourself, yoga, meditation, massage, dance and art. Or simply take this opportunity to surround yourself with nature, which itself heals tensions of everyday life and brings all answers.

Our base is Chinar, a beautiful sanctuary in magnificent scenery of Himachal Pradesh – the state of Northern India, consider to be a home of divine femininity.

We are going to flow with a cycles of nature – beginning on new moon – 18th of May, ending on full moon – 2nd of June. If you wish to stay longer we will help you to organize independent travel.

Price : 980 euros*

This includes: daily yoga and meditation, 3 massage sessions, 3 sound healing sessions – sing your fears out with world of musical  healing, trekking, healthy cooking classes, meals and accommodation, transport from and to Dharamsala airport.

Not included in the price: air-fare, travel & health insurance, entry visa to India, entry to musical events, additional items such as snacks,drinks etc.

*A part of the payment will support local women.

Food & Accommodation : Chinar offers a clean, simple and charming rooms in the heart of nature (single and double). The food we serve it’s a pure vegetarian consisting of large amount of fresh exotic fruits, vegetables, healthy juices and smoothies. *Please inform us if you have any dietary requirements.

Further trip details upon registration.

Your purchase indicates that you accept all terms and conditions of purchase. Click here for Terms and Conditions.

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