Mystical Mermaids Retreat


Mystical Mermaids Retreat, Yoga and Aquacranial therapy journey

11th – 21st December 2015 – GOA, India

Invitation for all Mermaids…
An amazing retreat for women …with two amazing Mermaids …Rebecca Goff and Severine Korrina
Come rebirth for the new moon and celebrate solstice with us …
You will each morning reconnect to your deeper Feminity with meditation and Yoga with Severine Korrina, to then dive into Yemaya, Goddess of the ocean, with aquacranial therapy leaded by Rebecca ..

« Rebecca is the Princess of the Sea…. »clients float weightlessly in alpha bliss with an air pillow tucked under thier neck and gentle support from a therapist. Profoundly relaxing, Aquacranial decompresses both spine and cranium and releases tension and energy blockage in the entire body. After 25 minutes of oceanic pleasure, guests step out of the water and onto the beach, where, wrapped in towels, they’re welcome to enjoy thier dreamily altered state. »
More information on Rebecca Goff :

We look forward to welcome all Mermaids to join us in the magik healing touch of the ocean …

Light and Love sisters.

Om Nama Shivaya .

 Further trip details upon registration.

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